3rd generation Referral MKT

R2E (Referral to Earn)

A new referral system has been introduced where users who refer others to the platform and participate in activities within the platform earn a greater share of profits, fairly distributing revenue that was previously monopolized by the platform. Furthermore, the platform can attract users without separate advertising costs, providing benefits to both the users and the platform.

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3rd Generation


Network MKT

Rewards MKT

R2E (Referral to Earn)


The system is structured to assign a sales role to customers who use the product and
for sellers to recruit other sellers, with profits decreasing as the level gets lower.

The system utilizes users as a marketing channel incentivizing them to refer
acquaintances and rewarding them once their referrals sign up or complete the service.

The system incentivizes users to refer
acquaintances by offering proportional
rewards based on their service usage,
effectively utilizing them as a continuous
marketing channel.



Coupons, points, items, etc.

Cash Equivalent Asset (Platform Coin)


Imbalance in revenue, low-quality products and services

Short-term efficacy, reduced effectiveness due to ignorant recommendation


Secures users and maximizes their profit

R2E Structure

Whenever a referrer contributes to the activation of the service, additional revenue is generated for the referred party beyond investment returns by providing them with a portion of transaction fees.

Crowd Marketing

R2E provides powerful growth momentum to various projects while increasing user (community) activity and securing new users.

Experience cost savings in marketing expenses
and maximize performance.

Do not miss the chance to get the best marketing tool with infinite scalability, the R2E system.

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